Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Just recently I acquired a never used miller wireless remote from a friend who ended up getting a tru-remote. Anyway I don't have much experience with this particular remote, I have read the manual however still cant quite grasp amperage values seeing as iam also used to tru-remotes. Ill be running it on my 2017 trailblazer 325 diesel. I hooked it up to just try it out, maybe someone who owns one could provide some guidance. It only seems to give an amperage value while welding, whereas when your not welding it seems to give a percentage number? I guess I am sort of lost on how to acquire a proper amperage rather than guessing with a percent? Sooooo would I be correct to say that 42% of 325 amps would be roughly 129 amps which is basically where I run my 1/8" 7018. or 29% should give me about 90 amps. Once I get these basic value percentages memorized I guess its just a matter of +/- percentage to fine tune? Seems like an *** backwards way of doing things! unless I am missing something.