Spool gun wire problems
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    Spool gun wire problems

    Im using the Magnum Pro 100 SG. When im welding the wire seems to be curling up. There is a slight bend in the wire when its coming out and it is really messing me up. Has anyone else had the same problem and if so what can i do to fix it. Im using 4043 aluminum wire.

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    Re: Spool gun wire problems

    It's common with all spoolguns. The tight wrap of wire on the spool with the short tip and liner doesn't do much to straighten the wire. Definitely more noticeable at higher wire speeds.
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    Re: Spool gun wire problems

    This is something that one has to live with. Larger diameter wire 'usually' works best in a spool gun. Little contact tip recess and short arc length.

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