Old gearboxes and new oil
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    Old gearboxes and new oil

    The subject keeps coming up, and the younger guys don't know the oil industry went thru a pretty much complete change of numbering systems and specifications.
    There is also the question of oils for brass and bronze gears in some boxes, which sets up a whole new pile of questions when it comes to oil selection.
    Over the years I've talked to a lot of oil salesmen, been handed a lot of brochures, repaired some gears and built others up, and have yet to find either an oil company or blender willing to print on paper 23**% oil will directly replace the #4 oil recommended by the manufacturer in 1930 which nobody sells any more.
    My hunch is a lot more salesmanship went into the oil supply line than scientific proof. Such happens.

    This PDF I stumbled onto provides quite a bit of the why and how of lubricating oils in transmissions and gearboxes, and is worth the read.

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    Re: Old gearboxes and new oil

    Not a bad read. I still run GL-4 rated oils in my transmissions and rears as that was current when they were built. I think I have a pail of GL-5 but know there are two pails of GL-4 at the shop. In a Fuller, I always run their synthetic oil, but Mack transmissions and rears get the GL-4.

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    Re: Old gearboxes and new oil

    My 1960 Ford F100 and 1945 Farmall both call for SAE50 GL1 in the transmissions.
    I see guys in the old car groups complaining all the time that they can't find SAE50 GL1(safe for "yellow" metal).
    Since our area is still considered "rural" my local NAPA and Car Quest have hundreds of gallons of it on the shelf!

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