powermax 1000 problem
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    powermax 1000 problem

    I recently bought a used powermax 1000, after about 1 minute of cutting the machine stops cutting and the display shuts off. I can hear the machine running (it makes a slight clicking sound but no fan running) but there are no lights on the front. I can turn it off and then back on and sometimes the display comes back on and I can cut for another minute before the it stops working again. Any help would be great!

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    Re: powermax 1000 problem

    Most likely is a loose or corroded wire connection inside the power supply. I would disassemble the unit (disconnected from power) and unplug and replug every connector (there are a lot!) multiple times, blow out any dust and clean connections with electrical contact cleaner. In many cases this will solve the problem, Even better.....contact Hypertherm technical support at technical.service@hypertherm.com or 1 800 643 9878 with the symptoms.....they talk to customers all day every day and have likely heard the same symptoms….they often can steer you in the right direction. Jim Colt Hypertherm

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    Re: powermax 1000 problem

    Thanks I will give that a try!

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