Casting Furnace w/ dolly, burner, crucibles & tools
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    Casting Furnace w/ dolly, burner, crucibles & tools

    Commercial Stainless Steel Keg Casting Furnace w/ 1" SS NA propane Mickey burner.

    Custom built with cart and lid lifting mechanism.
    Furnace walls have a 1" outer layer of ceramic fiber blanket rated for 2800* and are constructed of:
    Kast-O-Lite 30Li Plus rated for 3000*.
    ITC-100 was applied to the flame face side of the refractory as well.

    Package includes:
    Furnace & Cart/Dolly
    (1) Mikey Burner, SS 1" NA Propane
    Morgan & Morgan Clay Graphite A12 crucible (Brand New)
    Morgan & Morgan Clay Graphite A6 crucible
    Lifting tong
    Pouring shank
    2400* Thermometer w/ ceramic thermocouple probes
    Temperature Probe Holder Tool for checking molten metal temps.

    This furnace has only been fired up 6 times other than original curing phases.
    Fully capable of reaching steel melt temps.

    $1000 / cash /
    serious inquiries only please.

    Local pickup only.
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