Hello, Just had these two error while welding .023 wire using the smig mode on 110. Googled it and came up with some comments from this forum where someone else had it and when they went to 220v issue went away and using another circuit on 110 still no issue.

I tried using manual mode instead of smig after I turned it off/on and had no issue.Went back to 110v on smig had the alarms again. Removed all my extension cords and used just 1 (been using it for about 3 weeks while welding in new pans on XJ) Same results with the errors here comes the really strange part I used 220v no issue went back to the one extension cord on 110 using smig and now it works. Wondering how many others had the error 14 and it turned out to be possible power source related or had to actually send it out for repair. ..Thanks