Giant Tech CT-416
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    Giant Tech CT-416

    Hello all;
    ISO either wiring diagram, or plug arrangement on the lower ( power) board connectors..
    Had to repair the basically brand new unit, after a 220v wire came loose and fried the input switching FET's...

    BUT, I misplaced the connectors chart for it..Now all I need is: either a diagram, or somebody with a similar unit that could guide me..
    All that is left are two(2), 2-wire connectors, #1 is the gas solenoid Green/ Green .... #2 is coming from P8 at the upper H35617 board, Red/ Green....

    Help !..


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    Re: Giant Tech CT-416

    Actually, it's a CAT-416...Don't know if that makes any difference, but...


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    Re: Giant Tech CT-416

    Call me if you can't get it figured out, I will tell you how to test it.
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    Re: Giant Tech CT-416

    Much appreciated..! Will do..

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    Re: Giant Tech CT-416

    I might be able to help.

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