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    Re: Plasma cutter or bandsaw

    A plasma torch is very light in comparison to an oxy ax and plasma’s can get into tighter spots than most oxy ax’s. They both cut using a stream of hot pressurized gas but they are very distinctively different in what they are best suited for. Ax has more power through various tip and psi changes while plasma’s just whips through and eats metal like there is no tomorrow with instant on and off cutting at specific thicknesses up to the machines designed limits. Both have their places.
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    Re: Plasma cutter or bandsaw

    Order I bought my cutting gear

    4 1/2” angle grinder
    Chop saw
    OA torch

    I use at least 2-3 of these on every project. They all do something better than the others can so it’s nice to have them available when needed

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    Re: Plasma cutter or bandsaw

    Quote Originally Posted by farmersammm View Post
    I'd even live with the stupid angle,, if they gave me about 4-6" additional length beyond the trigger. There's a reason OA torches are made like they are.
    Glad to see You're back Sam.

    I think You have a valid point there. I have a ESAB PT39 plasma torch which has a 90 degree head but a longer torch body would be much beter for freehanding on sheet metal.
    I will try to fab something to lengthen the body and make a remote trigger.
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    Re: Plasma cutter or bandsaw

    Stupid angle has a place. Getting into a corner with a 90 degree plasma torch makes it about worthless. You can buy a 90 degree torch, but limits you to stupid farm crap laying on a table..

    Those Ellis with the VfD are nice, but rather have one of these, like my friend has...
    Plus traded a plasma for one of these for boring holes.. Old Jet will just have to do for now..
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