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Thread: Flap Dscs

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    Re: Flap Dscs

    Probably cause a lot of vibration when you clamp the grinder in a pipe vise and sharpen some drill bits.

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    Re: Flap Dscs

    Quote Originally Posted by MetalMan23 View Post
    I love fibre discs, but they wear out fast, and/or load up, when I have a lot of grinding I'll use a hard wheel to get it close, then a flap wheel or fiber disc to finish,
    Try 3M's cubitron fiber discs or the Norton quantum/blaze fiber discs. 3M themselves says they remove material faster than a hard wheel. I agree and there is a lot less vibration and a much better surface. 36 grit with a ribbed backing pad. You will go WTF the first time you try one.

    I don't know why but the 36 grit on these discs leaves a pretty smooth surface when you put less pressure on the disc. Looks like it was done with 60 grit or something like that. I can often leave it as it is without going to a finer grit. The discs lasts a long time too. Expensive but worth it when you factor in your time.

    The discs have very high density of SG ceramic abrasives in them. That is the secret sauce.
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    Re: Flap Dscs

    Remember when using flap discs to always pull - slow steady pulls work best. Also, be conscious of not only the curvature/cutting shape of the disc, but also how the disc deforms around the bead (deforms slightly and rocks due to user imperfection). This depends on not only angle of disc to work but also spin direction in relation to material fed into disc , IE location AND direction bead is fed into disc.

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