Oxy-Fuel Gague Repair Shout Out,
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    Oxy-Fuel Gague Repair Shout Out,

    Just wanted to share my experience with having my gauges repaired.

    Any time I’ve needed torch and gauge repair I would drop them off to the LWS and they would send them out for repair, sometimes poorly repaired! After seeing the reviews here on WW, I recently decided to send my set of victors to Regulator Torch & Exchange Inc. for repair and cleaning. I just got them back today and...Wow what a great job!!! They look just as good as when I bought them in 1984. They also repaired my victor bevel head to like new condition too!

    It’s a little more trouble to package and ship but well worth the effort. Their prices are very reasonable for the service you will receive. I will be sending my other set of victors to them real soon!

    Not affiliated with them or being compensated in any way, just sharing a company who still seems to appreciate and care for their customers. (Regulatortorchrepair.com)
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    Re: Oxy-Fuel Gague Repair Shout Out,

    It's good to know that good service and value can still be found. I don't think I've ever heard anything but good things about these folks.

    And this is a timely thread because, by coincidence, I was on their website this afternoon stooging aropund. I'll be calling them tomorrow about taking a look at some regulators I have laying around and that I'd like inspected before putting them in service.

    Do you mind sharing what the cost was of rebuilding your regulators?
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    Re: Oxy-Fuel Gague Repair Shout Out,

    Would have to refer to my notes, sent them an antique aircrafter style torch body awhile ago and they were excellent answering my questions and restoring the torch. I inherited it from my grandfather and couldn't be happier with the work they performed. Last year they rebuilt a flowmeter for my TIG outfit at work, much cheaper than a replacement or using LWS.
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    Re: Oxy-Fuel Gague Repair Shout Out,

    Been using them for years. Great company to deal with, affordale repair work, and EXCELLENT quality!

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