another welder and plasma cart
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    another welder and plasma cart

    HI every one just need some picture of your welder and plasma cutter cart to built one just need some good idea...

    Thank you
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    another welder and plasma cart

    Come up with your own design.

    Build what works for you.

    It’s one of the easiest projects to do

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    Re: another welder and plasma cart

    Start at the beginning of this thread!!
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    Re: another welder and plasma cart

    Mine is an ongoing project for 6 months now using mostly scrap metal and a 2 drawer toolbox I already had. I originally planned on have 3 tubes for rod storage, I've currently got er bought spots for 12 and between TIG rod, stick electrodes and a tube for tungsten I'm going to run out of space far quicker than I ever thought. I still need to add better hangers for the Tig and ground cables and I'll probably replace my extension cord with a hard wired one with two receptacles so the welder and plasma can both be plugged in at the same time.Name:  20181205_105750.jpg
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    Re: another welder and plasma cart

    Take the welder, measure it, cut some steel pieces and start tacking them together, you have to build as you go, each welder and plasma cutter are different.

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