miller blue charger
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    miller blue charger

    so i pick up a miller blue charger the other day with a onan p218. i didn't pay much for it got it home and tried to get it going com to find out moister got in the exhaust and caused the valve to rust and fill the cylinder with rusty water and a litte build up on the walls but sins the block is aluminum its not pitting or rusting im letting it sit with the cyilinder filed with marvel mystery oil and see if it cleans up . but what i am wondering is if any one know of a used engine off a miller legend or bobcat that would work ive been looking for a welder with a bad generator or something if i cant get the old motor going thanks Name:  IMG_4228.jpg
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    Re: miller blue charger

    My trailblazer had a similar situation with water but the engine was stuck.
    Let it soak be patient pull the heads off and clean all the carbon rust etc out on the pistons and heads make sure the valves are freed up as well.
    I gave mine a light hone and it seems to be fine even with light pitting in the cilinders runs great no smoke .
    I think the Lincoln ranger used a p218 as well Lot of times the Onans can be saved there pretty tough pretty sure those are cast iron lined sleeves.
    Keep us posted
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    Re: miller blue charger

    so i worked on the blue charger to day and found a pit or sand hole in the cylinder wall so that engine is not going to run again. im on the look out for a replacement engine

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    Re: miller blue charger

    LOCATION is everything when it comes to finding Onan parts

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    Re: miller blue charger

    Finding an exact replacement engine may be harder than you think. Many that you will find will have a straight output shaft whereas you need the correct Miller tapered shaft.

    That said, a couple other options would be to have your block bored or sleeved or put your crank in another engine that you find that has a different output configuration.

    As for parts, member can help you there.
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    Re: miller blue charger

    Those engines were used in JD garden tractors like the 318 might have better luck finding a rebuilder looking into those, but you will ikely have to swap cranks.
    Onanparts did a good rebuild thread.

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