So I just purchased a couple new Everlast welders and those being the 275p mig and the 350ext tig w/w400 watercooler. I am still waiting on the tig to show up because for some reason there is a hold up on them arriving from the manufacture. well onto the question at hand is I would like to know 2 things about the tig that I have not been able to find out and those are the height of the machine from the bottom of the feet to the top of the machine and when it sits down on the chanels of the w400 watercooler does it truly mate up to it and connect like the Dynasty's do? I am going to be building some Nice custom carts for these machines that all match in height and style. I need to get material and would like to get started on the build but need to find out all the measurement for the Tig 350ext first before bending up expensive Chromoly tubing. If anyone has any newer reviews on the machine that would also be very welcome.