Esab eas-iii 400
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    Esab eas-iii 400

    Was wondering if anyone knows anything about ESAB EAS-III 400 Mig/Tig controller that I bought with a MED 40 wire feeder? I need manuals or some help hooking up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Esab eas-iii 400

    SORRY< THIS GOT POSTED IN THE WRONG THREAD. ESAB 301i AC/DC made by Lorch. I picked up one of these for a song. New in box. 1st of all I want to stress that Lorch is top notch equipment similar and a competitor to Fronius and I own other Lorch products.. I have sold a Ton of Thermal Arc Sanrex AC/DC equipment and I was sure that Lorch/ESAB was a worthy product. After setting up the 301i one of the 1st things I noticed is that you cant set the peak amperage to a specific amperage and have the foot control go from 5A to that set amperage like most any Tig Rig out there. ( example. Set peak at 160 Amps. Step on the foot control and normally it would go from 5 to 160A. ) On the ESAB machine it doesn't matter. Set at 160 and it still goes from 5A to Wide open. To me this is an unfortunate software blow by Lorch. I wish now that I hadn't bought it. Neither Lorch or ESAB will comment on this. I've sent countless e-mails and all I get is crickets.
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    Re: Esab eas-iii 400

    The old Sweden DC 160i did the same thing. Little matter when you only have 160 amps.
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