Roller stand Trolley
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    Roller stand Trolley

    I have my bandsaw on castors, it moves between my shop and my brother's barn, and neither of us have enough space to just nail it down somewhere and build a proper stock feed roller setup.

    So: satisfying little project, using bits of stainless offcuts and castors/ball bearing rollers... found out that the only real practical use for 1 1/4" sch40 pipe is to fit just perfectly inside the diameter of 1 1/2" sch10....

    Anyway I wanted to make it with minimal hassle, bare minimum of cutting and chamfering, and also no painting or cleanup beyond brushing the oxide off the welds afterwards.


    I have enough stuff to make one more of these as well. No longer will we be squaring 6 metre lengths up in the saw by use of wooden chocks...
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