Lincoln Dual Head DH-10 Wire Feeder with Invertec V350 Pro
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    Lincoln Dual Head DH-10 Wire Feeder with Invertec V350 Pro

    This week I bought a used Lincoln Invertec V350 Pro factory model (manufactured end of 2006) power source from a local party for $500. I'm a novice welder and have been learning to both stick and TIG weld and thought a MIG welder would also be good to have. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about the Invertec V350 but thought it was too good of a deal to pass up. Before buying, I spent a day perusing this web site learning as much as I could about the Invertec V350 so I'm now a bit more educated.

    Since the V350 didn't come with a wire feeder, I'm looking for one and found a used Lincoln double head DH-10 bench wire feeder. There's not a lot of info about this wire feeder or dual head feeders in the forums so I thought I'd post this. Does anyone have experience with the DH-10 feeder with a Invertec V350? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the dual head? The literature of the DH-10 indicates it's "semi-automatic"; any idea what this means?

    Although I won't be welding for a living, I plan to have a hobby metal shop for my retirement. Any feedback about the Invertec V350 Pro coupled with the DH-10 for a hobby welder would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Lincoln Dual Head DH-10 Wire Feeder with Invertec V350 Pro

    Only advantage I can see to having the DH-10. Is it carries two rolls of wire. I thought about buying one, but decided I can change rolls if I want to. So I bought the LF-74 instead.
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    Re: Lincoln Dual Head DH-10 Wire Feeder with Invertec V350 Pro

    The DH-10 is a 42 volt feeder. make sure the V350 has 42 volts in the feeder plug.
    It's new enough so it should. look for push button circuit breakers. Might have two, one for 115 volts and one for 42 volts.
    semi-automatic just means the feeder has some extra control a plan feeder doesn't have.
    Automatic feeders are used on robots and welding fixtures. Make simple straight welds.
    operator just pushes a button to start the weld sequence.
    go to Lincolns web site and down load the owners manual. read what the controls can do.
    use the support tab and select parts. push guest button and enter the service navigator.
    if you have it enter the code number in the box and select a file. The owners manual and parts manual will be available to down load.
    If you don't have the code number you use the pictures to get to the files.

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