Does anyone have experience using or info on the OTC DTX-2200 AC/DC TIG machine?

There is limited information available from the OTC website. I can’t find this machine for sale on the web. There is a video from OTC on youtube on how to assemble the unit but not much else.

This is a web page link from the 2019 SEMA show that indicates the machine with a cooler, torch, and cart will sell for less than $5000.

The machine and cooler combo has a similar look to the Fronius machines.

I am looking to purchase a TIG machine with a cooler. Have been comparing the Fronius 230i/HTP Invertig/Miller Dynasty machines and this came up on an internet search. A price of less than $5000 would make it very competitive (a little more than the Invertig, significantly less than the Fronius 230i and the Dynasty 210DX and 280DX).