Belt/Disc grinder info
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    Belt/Disc grinder info

    Hey all,

    Got "gifted" a belt/disc grinder, all I have to do is drive 1.5 hrs to pick it up. I already have an old Dayton 20" disc and am in the process of making a variable speed 72" (vfd controlled) belt grinder.

    The gifted unit is an RTC-690 which as far as my research indicates means it was made by Rutland Tool and Supply Co in the early 90s. It runs on a 120/250v 1/2hp motor (which sounds seriously undersized).

    Wondering if anyone has ever used or heard of these? I havent seen the unit yet, so can't speak to its quality. Just curious if its hobby grade garbage, or something worth keeping around. Like most shops, space is at a premium, the advantage to this gifted unit being that it comes in smaller then my Dayton unit, nevermind the belt grinder I'm building.

    Also worth mentioning I have an array of 250v motors I could throw on this thing ranging from 3/4hp- 1 1/2hp

    I believe the unit looks something like this-

    Basically is this thing worth my time?!

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    Re: Belt/Disc grinder info

    use a modified 6x48, hf belt sander.

    2 1/2 hp, about 2700 rpm

    did not bother with the disc thingy, have a different disc sander, works great.

    Name:  6x48 belt sander pulleys.jpg
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    Name:  measuring tape belt sander.JPG
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    Re: Belt/Disc grinder info

    Rutland was just a distributor. They didnt make anything. Most likely, if its that old, its made in Taiwan, not China. Decent, not as good as an old Delta. But not garbage.
    MSC bought Rutland in 2010.

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