Lincoln Square Wave amperage question
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    Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    Today, when welding AC tig at 150-180 amps, the machine dialed the amperage setting down to 125 amps, all by itself.

    The yellow thermal indicator light didn't illuminate, and it never has. I've never gone past the duty cycle that I know of.

    When trying to get the amp setting beyond 125 by turning the knob, it would not dial-up. It would dial down the amps tho, just not beyond 125. ???

    I tried turning the machine off, unpluging the power cord for a few seconds, then turning it back on. I could get the amp setting right up to 200 amps, but only for a second........then the welder would set itself back to 125 again. Hummm. I tried this a bunch of times. Then, went in for lunch.... After 45 mins break, I tried again. This time the welder dialed up to 200 amps upon turning it on, and stayed there. I proceeded to weld at 150 amps for a few minutes without any more problems.

    Does this Squarewave 200 have some other thermal protection built that if the duty cycle is close to being breached, the machine dials down it's max amp setting?

    I need to know if it's this ^, or if it's on the verge of braking down. It's only 8 months old with maybe 10 hours use on it at the most, since new.


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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    That machine maxes at 125 amps on 120v input.

    Could be a coincidence, could be broken, or could be your 240v line has a problem and the machine is sensing your power dropping a hot leg?

    You are on 240v input right?
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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    Sounds like an input issue. Check your outlet. I've never seen the machine do that on it's own, but it will max out at 125 amps when on 110v input.

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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    Yes, I was on 220v.

    Yes, I know the machine maxes out at 125 amps when on 110v. Which is why the arbitrary number of "125" that was coming up, had me thinking about this......

    The extension cord plug does not make the best contact [ into the 220v female receptacle ] sometimes. I have to wiggle it to get the prongs to make contact.
    I did try plugging the Lincoln directly into the recepticle, by-passing the extension cord thinking that may be a fault, but the Lincoln behaved the same way. I also made sure the 220v breakers were both in the "on" position.
    Maybe the inside of the 220v receptacle has become corroded / burned from the faulty contacting prongs? I use this same receptacle for my mig and air compressor also, so lots of plugging-in and unplugging of cords happens. I'll take the receptacle apart and clean it up.

    Good thots fellas, thank you.
    Hoping the fault lies with my wiring and not the Lincoln!
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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    i had a square wave at work. one day the amperage dialed down on it's own. this would happen sporadically and after our electricians checked it out and couldn't find anything wrong with the machine it turned out it to be loose wires going into the circuit breaker.
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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    Sounds like your outlet is suspect
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    Re: Lincoln Square Wave amperage question

    I believe you have answered your question, if the receptacle momentarily loses one leg of the 240VAC its' circuit will sense 120VAC and be self limiting back to 125 amps as it was designed to do. This can happen anywhere from the receptacle to inside the machine where line voltage connects. Good luck!

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