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Thread: Welding Squares

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    Re: Welding Squares

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonzoo View Post
    Before all this newfangulated prefab stuff---- we built heavy angle squares, which, with careful clamping-welding did as well.The new stuff is a matter of convenience and guaranteed spot on accuracy. Thats what these guys specialize in and can do it better than the average me. Help them out.It's not that much money and allows you to get right to it.
    I used this as a rationale for why I bought these squares.
    A lot of my builds are scrap metal or art and don't require that much accuracy and I use something similar to tackits post or thought process.
    It is when I need something to be accurate that these help me.
    Could I make squares that are actually square? Maybe. More than likely I would probably be off slightly in the x,y , and z axis. How much time would I spend trying to fix the squares or adjust the work piece?
    I felt it was a better use of my time in the next 20 years or so to buy once now and make projects rather than tweaking joints more than needed.

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    Re: Welding Squares

    squares are another tool, that's all. you still have to account for warping etc. It doesn't magically make everything accurate, as I'm all too aware

    I HATE people who bodge pipework together. We simply don't allow it any more in my work. When I was on the tools (a Millwright, to use american-speak) so disheartening trying to podger 6" pipework back together so you could get a couple bolts in... even 3" was bad enough. They used to get away with it 30-40 years ago because we don't have any super-critical or high speed pumps, but such bad practice.

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