Info on longevity of HF migmax 215
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    Info on longevity of HF migmax 215

    I am new to welding and my son is in High school welding and likes it so i want a welder for the house and looking into the Migmax 215.
    I was wondering if anyone has some info on the longevity of this welder i see reveiws on it and it seems to be a good deal but the reviews
    are from a year or more ago.

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    Re: Info on longevity of HF migmax 215

    Dunno. Never heard of one breaking. Why don't you buy one and take it back for full refund within a year? The torch is a bit smallish. USAweld sells an upgraded torch for heavier work.
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    Re: Info on longevity of HF migmax 215

    ZERO ISSUES! That's why its referred to by many as the "Miller Killer". Can't go wrong with it.

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