Accurate Flow regulators.
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    Accurate Flow regulators.

    OK, here’s where I’m at, on several occasions I have had my flow regulator show “0” tank pressure but go to change the tank out and open the valve and seems like I have a lot more gas in the cylinder.then I can hook up another gauge and it shows 500Lb still in the tank. I know this might be one of those hornets nest, as who makes the best flow gauge regulator but I would like other peoples input. I know there are high dollar flow regulators . And yes there are cheap ones. I would like some input of what you think. (Who makes a damn good regulator that is accurate in flow and accurate in what’s left in the tank.)..thanks.

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    Re: Accurate Flow regulators.

    Probably just a bad/inaccurate gauge. Replacing the gauge would be your cheapest fix assuming you have no other issues with the regulator.

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