MP210 and Tomahawk 1000 Securement
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    MP210 and Tomahawk 1000 Securement

    Howdy all.

    I’m now the owner of a brand new MP210 and Tomahawk 1000. So far all I have done is unbox each unit to get to their power cords so I could see what outlets I would need to purchase when I made my generator adapter cord. Success with that today.

    One of the first projects I’m going to make is obviously a cart. I’m still uncertain if I’ll do one cart for both, or separate them since I’ll need the air compressor with the 1000. I’m leaning more towards both on one cart and run an airline over to the cart.

    Anyhow, are there provisions on each unit to secure them down? Do most even bother to secure them down? Why would I not want to secure them?

    I’m brand new to welding, so I’ll absolutely have questions as I go, and learn.

    Thanks y’all.

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    Re: MP210 and Tomahawk 1000 Securement

    I don't have a Tomahawk but I do have a 210MP. I secured it to my cart so if I have to roll the cart around outside it remains where I put it. At the same time I wanted it easily removable in case I want to carry it further afield. You can see what I did here around post 398 :!!/page16

    Just depends on what you want to do.

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    Re: MP210 and Tomahawk 1000 Securement

    I'm not a professional welder like many on this site but I've owned welders of various types (stick,mig, now tig) for approx. 35 years and I've never secured one to whatever cart it was on. Now, every cart I've ever had had a lip of some sort around the edges to keep the welder from sliding off - not that it was necessary. I've made a number of carts too some for one welder only, one had two welders on it, and one was a horrible long thing that had a metal basket for all of my vise grips and other things to secure stuff with, etc., etc. I've come to think smaller is handier so now have each welder on it's own cart now.
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    Re: MP210 and Tomahawk 1000 Securement

    Please make your cart so each unit can be removed for service and repair.
    A service shop might charge you to remove a welder from a cart it is clamped to.
    Factory does not start paying until welder is on the bench.

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