Broken powcon grab
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    Broken powcon grab

    New to the site. I found it while searching for info on a powcon 300sm. So I picked up a powcon 300sm and a pdii feeder for cheap....however the 300sm was not working. Upon inspection found rodents nest and large amount of filth inside....along with blown cap on input rectifier board, leaking main large caps, and an exploded varistor on the changeover board. So I replaced all mentioned parts and welder fired up!..makes the ticking noise! Ocv of around 72v, wire feeder functions....seems good so far. I'm trying to see what the display is supposed to be doing....sometimes when I turn it on it reads ee.e sometimes it reads -00.1, .2, .3. I havent welded with it yet because I need a larger set of leads and or a mig gun that fits it. This seems incorrect to me. I read the manual and it says it wont display ocv? to set the welder for stick without knowing amps . is this display thing correct? Eee seems like an error message.
    Any help would be great

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    Re: Broken powcon grab

    Ill post pics if I can figure that part out.

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    Re: Broken powcon grab

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    Re: Broken powcon grab

    Not much going on here in the powcon forum...

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    Re: Broken powcon grab

    If my Memory is correct, the meter is just a meter. Reads weld volts or weld amps.
    depending on switch position. If it bothers you it can be unplugged or you can send it to
    a pcb repair place a take a chance they can repair it.
    The ticking is normal. Should stop when the feeder is plugged in.
    Look at the diagram in the back of the manual. You can see the wiring to the meter. -15, com
    +15, 24,Volts, amps, Make sure the power supplies are there. The voltage and amps signal will be a percentage of the real voltage, 1vdc may be 100 amps and ect.

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