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Thread: 300ss

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    Bought a $50 non working 300SS. Took the cover off and blew out as much dust as I could. Looked it over and don't see anything burnt or otherwise unusual looking. Downloaded the operation manual and on page 17 near top right there is a small transformer and card which I don't have. Sheet 23, drawing and parts list, doesn't show the transformer or card nor the part numbers on sheet 22. Can anyone confirm the 300SS does not use these?

    Confirmed bus bars configured for 220V. Plugged in turned on switch and nothing no power indicator and no fan. Measured 251 at input to the capacitor/filter card. Shut down and will start disassembly, any tips?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: 300ss

    Sorry for the late reply. I've been neglecting this forum lately.

    The drawing on page 17 is for multiple models. The transformer is used for 400-series Fan On Demand models, and the circuit board is used in the 300ST. Your 300SS would not have either of them.

    In the 300SS, the cooling fan also works as a transformer to supply power to the main control board. I suspect your fan is bad. Unfortunately, this fan is obsolete, and I don't know of any alternative. Your best bet is to find another broken $50 PowCon with a good fan, and try to make one good machine out of two.

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    Re: 300ss

    Thanks for the reply, been a while for me too. The interior is filthy and there is a fair amount of surface rust/oxidation. On the transformer, voltage selector side, what are the two schematic symbols, look like switches but can't make out the symbol clearly on my copy. Figured I could at least check that the windings are open or not. Thanks again.

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