Welding Shop Sale
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    Welding Shop Sale

    I have been requested to liquidate a person's estate! He had numerous welding supplies! Close to Dallas, TX.

    Miller Intellitig MPC (Upgraded Synchrowave 351, rated to 400 amps)
    I believe this is a start to modern technology, has pulse, can hook robot to the welder, etc)
    PLUS Bernard SS water cooler, all on Aluminum cart, Weldcraft WP 20 torch, everything except argon bottle.
    $3,500 or OBO

    GOBS of new RED and Green Tungsten (1/16, 3/32, & 1/8", Most appear to be American manufacturer)

    8- Weldcraft WP20 torches (most new, rest looks barely used, in 12.5' and 25' most have hose covers)

    7- Weldcraft WP18 torches (most new, rest looks barely used, in 12.5' and 25' most have hose covers)

    2- WP20 pencil torches (new, 1- Weldcraft, 1- Heliarc flexible)

    water and gas hoses 25' (new rubber and pliable vinyl)

    10 flowmeters (some new, rest refurbished, back from repair facility, USA made and import)

    Will post more later


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    Re: Welding Shop Sale

    I don't have the budget for a new machine, but I may be interested in some torches and regulators and maybe other stuff when you add images and prices.
    I'm South of Ft. Worth in Cleburne, depending on what else you have I might want to swing by.
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    Re: Welding Shop Sale

    Where are you located?

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    Re: Welding Shop Sale

    Are there any dual flow argon regulators?

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