Wanted carbon rods for hole build up
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    Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    These were advertised in farmer type magazines, for welding holes back round. But they no longer are available. I would buy a whole set, but am most interested in 1 3/4" Thanks
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    do a search on amazon for carbon rod, many choices come up if those are the ones your talking about

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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    Thanx I'll give it a try.

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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    I've only seen carbon arc rods for old style cutting torches... carbon arc torch..
    I know you can still get the rods at local welding supply.
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    How about copper or aluminum?

    I just watched a video on FB of a guy that used an (aluminum I think) form/profile to build up teeth on a gear. Looked like a stupid amount of work but he got it done and it looked like the aluminum block held up great.
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    Available in limited sizes from mcmaster.


    Might have to machine to size, and a little bit pricey in 2", as would copper (if solid). Maybe aluminum ?
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    If a person needs a large round of aluminum, one can be cast inside a piece of pipe and then split lengthwise to get it out.

    Use anything you have handy to melt scrap aluminum inside the pipe.

    Then just grind it to size after it cools. Doesn't have to be perfect for this application.
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    Search for Graphite rods. They are used in EDM. They can be machined to the size you need. Not cheap though $250 for 1.75x12"
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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    I know where there are several cases of carbon rods-- I think either 3/4 or 1 inch (by 12)
    Are you interested in any that small ?

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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    I think I bought some on Mcmaster and some on ebay.

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    Re: Wanted carbon rods for hole build up

    I have a bunch of Metric and regular carbons I'd like to liquidate. Mostly close to 1/4" up to 5/8" and a couple 1 or 2". For all your small carbons you can just peel the copper off of Arc Air rods. They come in about 1/2" and down and are cheap. Let me know if you want a list of what I have.
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