Puksarc 100 tube welder settings
Hi all. Hope everyone is well. This could be long and winded so i will try and make it as short and sweet as I can.
I have a pulsarc 100 tube welder and manually it runs perfectly with the foot control. I know these systems are old but still a handy piece of kit.
My concern is the two weld heads I have for the orbital welding/tube welding.
I believe this may be a user problem and I haven’t got the knowledge to fully understand the settings etc that are required to make these fire up. The heads are 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch with lots of different attachments. I have looked online for manuals but not had any success. So what I’m really asking you all is have you ever used one before and is there something that I haven’t got set which I need to fire these heads up with.
It has a hand control with the usual functions, HOME, JOG etc etc. I’m not sure if it’s a settings issue or a problem with either head or control unit. Amy feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Jack UK