I bought this 10 years ago then life and different job got in way. I had welded with it just a few weeks then put it in the back of my shop out of the way. It only had one wire going to the rheostat, no power at the plug, did a fantastic job of actually welding by changing rod size because there was no fine control.
It wouldn't idle up but it does have a idle board and solenoid hooked up. All wires inside and out are all a uniform gray in colour.
I started tracing wires back from excited and shunt coils to determine colours. Brown from 2:00 shunt coil is spliced to red at exciter end, blue was ran to idle board and spliced with red wire. After spending 6 hours with wires help figuring which gray wire went to which connection and putting coloured zip ties on wires to match factory color, then changing wire location to match wiring diagrams, I am about ready to start it back up and see if I regained a fine control. Somewhere during its life, someone mounted a tractors oilbath aircleaner on the outside of the frame and tossed the doors. After running, I'll worry about idle