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    Re: Potential bad idea #87....large South Bend lathe

    I agree with Sam, a BXA may be a better size for that lathe.

    The swing over the compound is another thing to consider. I have BXA and CA tooling, no CXA my 13EE actual swing 15.5 inches I use both BXA and CA like Sam mentioned I use big boring bars. That said, my 13EE has 15HP, for a lot of work the BXA size has better access and visibility. I don't need a riser block to get the tools at center but it is close, not a quarter inch close though. I don't think you would gain much in rigidity with a CXA, the compound and saddle are not very heavy on the old South Bend lathes. If you want to use bigger tools get a 4 way turret tool post, they are cheap on ebay and very stout.
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    Re: Potential bad idea #87....large South Bend lathe

    I would go with a CXA. On my 13" southbend a bxa is about perfect.
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    Re: Potential bad idea #87....large South Bend lathe

    One thing to think about is rather than making a phase convertor just change the motor out it adds value to the machine and its only one thing to start. I have three phase in my shop and i still try to find single phase stuff if below 3 horse just easier to deal with. Im scared of electronics though know that vfds have gotten so cheap that that is probably the way to go. I have a ebay cxa on a16” monarch it was about perfect and it will hold 1.25 boring bars with the extra large holders also have a ca on my newer lathe it stands about .5 “ taller
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    Re: Potential bad idea #87....large South Bend lathe

    The lathe and milling machine actually came with an American Rotary 3-phase converter (as well as two 3 phase cutoff boxes), so no reason to change anything out at the moment. I *may* eventually try a VFD, but for right now I'll stick with the converter.

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