$15 cst 280
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Thread: $15 cst 280

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    $15 cst 280

    I found this Miller CST 280 at a flea market for $15. He said he did a building clean out and it was part of the contents...and he knew nothing else about it. It was assembled and attached to a rack type thing...as if it was hung from a steel beam while in use... maybe. I have several Welding machines, but I've never owned an Inverter machine before. I have it apart to blow out the dirty interior, straighten out the bent Dinse plug panel and change the power cord. It looks like these retail for about $2500. It would be great if this thing still worked for only 15. Is it possible ?! I guess I'll tinker with it and put it back together and try it. If anyone can think of anything I should know before I proceed with the project, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Re: $15 cst 280

    I have used and own these machines. They are awesome to say the least. They are also built to be abused and mine gets thrown, dropped, slid you name it. It has the scars to prove it but still runs like a champ. The only thing I do is open it up once in awhile and hit with air as it does fill up with whatever junk is at the shop or job site.

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    Re: $15 cst 280

    Looks like it could use a power washing not blowing out! For $15 that could be the best find ever. They are a pretty good non engine drive pipe welding machine tig and stick.

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