HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)
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    HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)

    I've had this 170 Chicago Electric welder for about about 6 years, and besides the finicky wire feeder, not many other negatives. Worked great for years. Even built a belly pan for my Toyota dual cases out of 3/8 steel. Welder is champ when working correctly.
    CURRENT ISSUE- seems to have trouble feeding once you start welding (as soon as the arc is established) the motor speed competely drops off and the arc sputters. Like the power is being suckedfrom the drive motor.
    -bought the vulcan liner, trimmed to fit and the wire now glides much easier. But the motor is still fizzelingout when starting to weld, lost at this point and need to finish the steering and hyrdo ram assist on my rig.

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    Re: HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)

    Its a MIG 170, With argon/co2 shielding gas.
    Wondering if the following could be bad;
    -Control Board
    Ways to test all the above with a DVOM?

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    Re: HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)

    Update: Opened it up today after work to ohm the feeder motor and go over everythingName:  20190514_190533.jpg
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    Name:  20190514_182046.jpg
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    And I notice one of the connections in the bridge is blown... and seeing the others around it smoky and the insulation at the bases are almost boiled looking, cooked kind of.
    Then after reading up and trying to look at some wiring schematics, the wire feeder motor may have a connection to the bridge/rectifier ?

    Name:  New-relayHF-170-wiring-diag.jpg
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    Then got to the feed motor, Ohm'd it out and at first pulled the plug connector and was getting 7.0 Ohms. Went to the motor terminals worked the insulation back and was getting it jumping 20+ohms.
    Thought maybe crappy corrosion on the bronze lugs. Went back to wire connector and was now getting ~15ohms still jumping around went to the motor jiggled the termnials around checked again now 0.001 mOhms. Okay checked back and forth same 0.001 mOhms. Is there a bad connection in the motor maybe? The brushes look intact maybe the springs are worn?

    And if anyone knows of interchangle parts for these 170/180 that would help
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    Re: HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)

    re parts for the 170: There are listings on Ebay for some of the components. It seems many models of welders built in China are based on the same common components.
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    Re: HF 170 Wire Feed Motor Losing Power Under Load(Arc)

    I know this is an old thread, but did you ever find a replacement rectifier or diodes? I have the same problem.

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