Connecting Superultra 206 to air compressor
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    Connecting Superultra 206 to air compressor

    Hi y'all,

    I've got an Everlast Super Ultra 206si, but I've lost the regulator for the plasma cutter to compessor. I have a water trap & regulator on my compressor, but I can't seem to figure out how I'm going to get my air hose 1/4" quick-connect compressor fittings to attach to the gas inlet on the 206

    The gas inlet is a 5/8-18 female. I can't seem to find an adapter that is 5/8 male to 1/4 NPT, which would solve the problem.

    Also, it would be super cool if there was a splitter, so I could turn on one side for the plasma cutter and the other for when I want to use the welder with argon. Anybody know of one of these that would thread into that 5/8-18 gas inlet?


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    Re: Connecting Superultra 206 to air compressor

    You might be better off getting another regulator, unless you will run your compressor at the pressure for the plasma all the time, or remember to lower pressure when cutting. A little more hardware, use a Tee and valve each side, they do sell a valved Tee. It might take an extra fitting or two to adapt the different sizes, instead of just one adapter. I used hoses with quick disconnects, and switch it that way.

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    Re: Connecting Superultra 206 to air compressor

    Western fittings should have something, but you can order a new regular tour from us.
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