Hey everyone! I am new to this forum page, however I have used it to find answers to my questions in the past! My first post is a question for you all: I recently picked up a 2007 Hobart Champion 10,000 welder/generator. When I purchased it from the seller, he stated that he was welding with it one day about 6 months prior to my purchase date, and the arc stopped. The machine kept running however it lost all power to all outlets and the welding leads. He never decided to dig into it and later decides to sell it. I did some reading prior to this purchase and found that the boards are prone to having issues on these units, however some pictures of failed parts on others boards don't match my board. I visually inspected it for fried components, along with any burnt wires etc. I found nothing! It is a DC machine, so I checked for voltage across the welding terminals as I had read it should be 60-90 volts? At high idle, the machine is putting out 7 volts and 4 volts at idle. This is somewhat confusing to me due to being quite the novice when it comes to electrical circuits and such! Obviously its attempting to put out voltage at the lead prongs, however not near enough to establish an arc. I do have both operator and technical manuals from Hobart with parts lists and such, but does anyone have any ideas on where I can begin to start testing components? Thanks so much!
- Jake