Titanium Welders
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    Titanium Welders

    Anyone running any of the Titanium Welders. Just wondering what everyone thinks of them.
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    Re: Titanium Welders

    Because I needed a flux core and the HF 90 POS I had really sucks at welds you don't have to grind a lot and the Alph TIG isn't going to work outside unless I use stick with it I got the Titanium 125. I looked at and read a bunch of reviews that basically said the 125 is the welder you hoped to get when you bought the 90. It also fixed a couple of my big issues with the 90 (apparently now renamed the 125, but...).

    Anyway miles of difference. The Titanium 125 weld quite well. It's DC and the tip is not energized if the trigger isn't pulled. This welds MUCH closer to a big boy MIG.

    I had been playing with the idea of getting a real MIG but realized with the TIG the work I was likely to be doing with the MIG were small fixes and some assembly and a lot of that would be out doors and where I couldn't get 220V. So this little thing is a really good fit. It's toy small and weighs like 15 lbs and it cost under $200 so...

    The build seems a lot better than typical HF stuff and the fit and finish was very good. Not nearly the amount of plastic and the metal parts look like someone was actually doing QA.

    If anyone is looking for a old HF90 to play with I will be selling it cheap.

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