MILLER XMT 350 CC/CV System for AL Welding
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    MILLER XMT 350 CC/CV System for AL Welding

    I just bought a MILLER XMT 350 CC/CV (907161) multiprocess power unit from a local auction. I would like to use the XMT 350 in a MIG system primarily for aluminum welding. Although I don't need to weld very thin aluminum nor will I use it in a business, it would be nice to have a system that can weld anything from 1/16" to 3/8" aluminum and be adequate to build an 18'-20' open skiff and other misc future projects. From what I'm reading, a push-pull system seems to be the way to go. Don't know much about pulse, but again, seems like pulse has many advantages in AL welding. What would be your recommendations as to what other components (wire feeder, pulse modules, gun) that I should concentrate on buying (craigslist, ebay) to build a good AL welding system.

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    Re: MILLER XMT 350 CC/CV System for AL Welding

    I have the same unit.

    Your aluminum MIG options are :

    Miller 30A spool gun. You will need a WC24 controller also

    Miller XR push pull control

    If you wanted to add pulse you will need the Miller Optima pendant.

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    Re: MILLER XMT 350 CC/CV System for AL Welding

    while a push pull system may be the best way to go. They cost a lot. Spool guns can weld just as good and are a lower cost option for small jobs or side projects. with spoolguns there are light and heavy duty models.
    One option in push pull, are the MK products systems. you might be able to find a good used one.
    Cobramax or Python systems. Miller has made several similar also. XR and aliumapro.
    Might want to call Miller and talk to a product sales person about what will work with your welder to do what you want and also talk about used littler older models that might also work you can look for.
    I think miller made a 60 series feeder that had pulse built in and could run a standard miggun and a push pull.
    but what i don't remember is if it will work with any XMT or just the XMT MP welders.

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