Metal Man 120v 140A - Spool Gun Help?!!
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    Metal Man 120v 140A - Spool Gun Help?!!

    I know this is an awkward brand but I got a good price on it. I actually like the welder but I want to start doing some aluminum mig. I can order the spool gun from Metal Man but its a little pricey. I would like to get a cheaper brand if that's possible. Can this work? If it can what do I need to look for? I'm sure the connections are different on different machines

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    Re: Metal Man 120v 140A - Spool Gun Help?!!

    I'm going to answer my own question. I been doing some research and it appears a cheap (Chinese) spool gun will work. It seems that I'm going to have to manually connect the gas, switch wires, and motor wires to my welder. I also read that I might have to order different mig tips, the spool fitting is metric, and raise the voltage on the spool motor........

    I might should just pay for the correct gun

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    Re: Metal Man 120v 140A - Spool Gun Help?!!

    you get what you pay for, with spool guns.

    You might struggle with a 140a power source to get decent alloy welds... to get sound alloy MIG welds you need lots of power to make lots of heat. Way more than you need for steel. Hopefully it works out for you though!

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