Chemetron Sureweld Gama 33 a/bp (miller 330 a/bp)
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    Chemetron Sureweld Gama 33 a/bp (miller 330 a/bp)

    Hello everyone this is my first post haha. So I picked up this machine a couple weeks ago it came with a foot pedal, water cooler and a WP-20 tig torch. It looked alot like an old miller 330a/bp and its Airco cousin. I looked it up online and it is the same as the miller but there is very little information about the Chemetron version and hardly any good quality pictures. So I'm going to dump some higher quality images of the inside here :) sorry its a little dusty my air compressor broke. I've got an electrician coming to wire it up this week. I can't wait to run some beads with it! From what I've read on the forums people seem to really like these heavy beasts.Name:  IMG_5334.jpg
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    Re: Chemetron Sureweld Gama 33 a/bp (miller 330 a/bp)

    There wouldn't be any significant difference from a 330. I love mine. It's a beast.

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    Re: Chemetron Sureweld Gama 33 a/bp (miller 330 a/bp)

    I wouldn't worry about finding a brand specific manual.

    The Miller manuals will be the same as they made it for the other companies as well.
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