Hello everyone,
I just picked up what I believe is a Craftsman 313.544101 torch set.
Name:  s_Craftsman_Cutting_Torch.jpg
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I think 313.544101 refers to the entire set, but I’m not sure.
The handle is numbered 313.54406
Name:  s_Craftsman_Torch_Handle.jpg
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The cutting torch is 313.54407
Name:  s_Craftsman_Cutting_Torch_2.jpg
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The oxy regulator is 313.543021
Name:  s_Craftsman_Oxy_Reg.jpg
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And the acetylene regulator is 313.543031.
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The set also included three welding tips, hoses, a wrench, and some goggles. I think I got everything.
From poking around the forums, I think the regs and torch were made by Harris.
Does anyone have an Owner’s Manual, or know where I can find one? Sears site is not any help.

I see member Doug_ has a picture of the owner’s manual in one of his posts here:

I’ll try him, but if that doesn’t work, any help would be appreciated.