Switch welder inner parts
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    Switch welder inner parts

    I have a Campbell Hausfeld mig & flux 80 amp welder model wg2020 since it can use gas I was thinking about switching inner parts from harbor freight 125 amp welder which has not amps and I have one and I took it apart already, trying to figure out how to swap transformer from harbor freight into the Campbell Hausfeld welder, I wish I could post pics I don't know how to get them out of the gallery app on my phone,if anyone knows how I would appreciate the info,,......Thanks.
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    Re: Switch welder inner parts

    Unless you are an electronics engineer with deep knowledge of how the welders work (which I guess you are not), what you are attempting could be described as TRYING TO GET A NICE WORKING WELDER NICE MIX-MATCHING TWO TURDS.

    My suggestion is that you use the you current welders without modifiying at all, and once you can save some cash, sell those two welders and get a nicer of the shelf machine.

    Don't need to go Lincoln, Miller, Fronius, Essab, Kemmpi or any other name brand for that matter. The Harbor Freight Vulcan line or Nothern Tool Iron Man are nice machines once you get past the cheapest units. Stick to 220-240v machines (only or dual voltage) and you should be set for a while. My suggestion would be to stay away also from multiprocess machines. MIG only and stick inverter only.


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