Info on Linde Welder
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    Info on Linde Welder

    Just looking to see if anyone knows anything about a Linde 230 welder? .. is it an off shoot of a major brand? .. it looks to be from the 1960s if I had to guess.. in good shape and would be easy to restore... I probably can get it for around $100 - $150... Thoughts? works.

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    Re: Info on Linde Welder

    Linde was an English company bought by esab and re named l-tech damn good welders but most all the parts are obsolete from esab so if it has trouble your sort of stuck

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    Re: Info on Linde Welder

    If it's just a basic AC/DC welder not much can go wrong with it. If it works, its probably worth something. That something is what you are willing to pay for it. You didn't state if it had or came with leads. I wouldn't be concerned about parts. A transformer and some scr's- pretty easy stuff.

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    Re: Info on Linde Welder

    I bought a Linde 305. A/c D/c stick welder and TIG welder. I had friend in the medical field that never touched a welder. He was able to run a bead of 6010 using that welder on his first attempt. Huge difference in welding with a transformer over inverter. If it runs you should get it.

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