Hobart Champion 10,000
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    Hobart Champion 10,000

    I am trying to fit a problem with this Generator ,plus welder and the control board 203655.It burn the capacitor on the top right side[the color was brown].Plus it also burn D28 .I sent it off to be repair and believe it or not had to send it the second time because they didn't repair all of the board that need repair.But I got it back and check it out and it looks like they replace the D28 ,but to me it looks to small.can anyone tell me the correct part on the D28.I try to run the generator ,run will no problem but the D28 is getting hot.Just can't what going on with.So can you help me with this Please.

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    Re: Hobart Champion 10,000

    Guess no one read the forum any more.

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    Re: Hobart Champion 10,000

    Forums are not what they used to be. Probably got to go to Hobart with that narrow of a problem. Couple guys that check in there are service types.

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