I was welding on a hydraulic ram when it tipped over and fell on my Thermal Arc Prowave 185TSW and broke the multifunction knob off the front of the machine. It broke the shaft of the knob, not the pot/encoder on the board so I can still stick what's left of the knob into the hole to adjust settings but I'm worried that I'll eventually lose the knob and then be stuck with those settings. I contacted ESAB about a replacement knob but they say it's NLA. Does anyone know of a source for Thermal Arc parts? Alternatively, are there any "modern" machines that have a compatible multifunction dial that could be soldered in place of my broken knob/dial? ESAB says no, but I find it hard to believe this dial was manufactured solely for the Thermal Arc 185. Surely they've been used on other devices (not just welders). If someone knows the supplier of these dials/knobs, hopefully I can source a replacement direct from the supplier.

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