Lincoln equivalent to Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC?
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    Lincoln equivalent to Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC?

    As per the subject, what is the Lincoln equivalent to a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC?

    And what do such Lincoln used units buy/sell for?

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    MILLER Thunderbolt AC/DC

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    Re: Lincoln equivalent to Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC?

    The answer is going to be the 225 AC/DC

    That being said, I owned the AC only version and I am not a fan of limited adjustments of the Lincoln welder. It offer fixed steps only with no in between amperages: 65, 75, 85, 90, 95, 105, 115, etc. There is no way for example to dial in 100 amps on DC. Its either 95 or 105. Some folks may say that's not a big deal, but I didn't care for it.

    You would be much bettor off stepping up to a Lincoln Idealarc 250 if you can find a nice used one cheap. Its a much bigger, more robust welder, with infinitely adjustable amperage
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    Re: Lincoln equivalent to Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC?

    I use one. If I was doing highly inspected small bore piping I would fuss over the adjustability. My dials are not right, mine makes 90A on 85 anyway, I tested it a while back and should write it down on the machine for giggles, I real so many meters cant remember them all. It runs the rod right about on the button. Lincoln had some engineers were real welders too when they set some of these up.
    I don't mind the taps for general work, it welds good on the settings they give. They go all the way from 150 to 400 used. They are a really good welder, I like this class of machine vs an Idealarc due to the fact it uses a common 50A welder circuit, can even use them with cords. I don't have an Idealarc, I have used a garage full of them. They aint really a better machine,,, they are a bigger one. If I gotta run bigger than a 1/8 lohy,,, and I have ran them a whole welders fistful at a time,,,, I am likely to use wire. Most of the time anymore its 1/2 to a couple rods.
    These machines are way under rated, they will run way beyond their rated duty cycle. I have mine hooked right on the building loom, have a 300 synchro right next to it I never use. I would have to put a lug on it for a stinger if I did but I been using this so long its a habit.
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