ESAB MTS 3500i
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Thread: ESAB MTS 3500i

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    ESAB MTS 3500i

    Hello to the forum. New guy here with a problem I hope to get some help with.
    I purchased an ESAB MTS 3500i power source second hand from a welding shop. I watched it power up before buying it, but when I got it home and tried to power it up I get the flashing red light that indicates the wrong voltage. The shop I purchased it from had run it on 460V 3 phase. My home shop is 240V single phase. I did wire it correctly and set the switch on the back of the machine but when I switch the power on, the power indicator light comes on and a few seconds later the wrong voltage indicator light flashes.
    I took it to the local ESAB distributor (Airgas) and he did some preliminary checks but did not come to any conclusion other than it should be sent in to the repair shop. He did say that it is very possible the board is bad. He estimated the repair cost would be $500 or so on the low end if they had to replace the board.
    Has anyone out there had a similar problem with their machine and what was your solution?
    Looking for second opinion and advice on how to proceed.


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    Re: ESAB MTS 3500i

    Hello again!
    I think I found the answer to my own question!
    The fact it powered up on 3 phase and would not power up on single phase didn't make sense to me. As I stated before, I wired the plug correctly and that was confirmed by the ESAB distributor. I decided to open the case and check that out for anything out of order and noticed the wires going into the main switch. White was on L1, red was on L2, and black was on L3. In the manual, it gives the colors as white L1, black L2 and, red L3. Given this machine is able to run on different phase and voltages I figured there has to be some sort of sensing circuitry in there and the wiring would be very specific to orientation. I rewired my plug to energize L1 and L2 (red and white) and plugged into my receptacle. I held my breath and switched the power on and VOILA!, she came to life.
    Evidently the original owner had done some repair or rewiring internally and when reconnecting the wires payed no attention to their order. Since he was running 3 phase power, all 3 legs were energized and the machine would go ahead and run. When I hooked it up to single phase power, I unknowingly miswired it and the phase/voltage sensing would not work.
    I'm hoping that the miswiring didn't cause any problems deeper in the machine.
    I would still like to hear anything from the experts regarding my situation. Is my thinking correct? Does the solution sound like a reasonable one? etc?
    Maybe this post will help someone else down the road.


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    Re: ESAB MTS 3500i

    Sounds like you nailed it.. The MPI was built tough in the area of input voltages. Esab threw every type and kind of voltage at it when designing it.. I had a long talk with old school Lindie guy, that happened to be driving the Esab semi truck around the country. He knew all that went into that machine when Esab built it.
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