Baler Tires
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Thread: Baler Tires

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    Baler Tires

    Took y'all's advice,, and looked local

    $330 out the door for the pair

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    Ten ply rating, with sidewalls that must be made of iron I have a feeling my tire machine won't handle these Never had the tires off this baler, I'm mostly used to ag tires that are made with what seems to be PAPER...………….soft and flimsy. We shall see...……………………………………..

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    Re: Baler Tires

    My trucks need 10:00/20 load range F. My camper trailer swallowed tires often. In Maine one week years ago I found a tire dealer, one horse operation. He forgot more about tires than the others will ever know.

    My local dealer couldn't get tires for my truck, couldn't find better (higher load rated) tires for my camper, or functional tires for my equipment trailer. I talk to him on Monday, he has tires for me on Thursday. I collect tires every year from him. The truck tires I took to my local dealer griped: "I could have gotten them." I responded: "Why didn't you?"
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