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    Welder Parts and Service (.com)


    Over the past years I have ordered a significant amount of parts for my SA200 project from a website called "Welder Parts and Service". I've always had great success in dealing with them. Well, I need some more parts so I went to their site and it said the parts I want are normally stocked parts. Under price it said "Contact Us"......which I did via e-mail......about 2 weeks ago. No response. Does anybody know if they are still in business? I need some insulating washers for my main armature brush holders.......I know BW Parts sells the whole assembly for $130, but I only need a few odds and ends....my blast cabinet takes care of the rest.

    Any clue.....?


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    Re: Welder Parts and Service (.com)

    me use StumpF welding supply,,, just bought the set welder lug output stud for $54.00 there face plates 40 bucks plus they stamp the ## for free ,,, me also bought stuff from welder parts house,, which they have good prices also

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