Considering a Speedglas 9100mp
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    Considering a Speedglas 9100mp

    My old (10 years) E680 is getting a bit long in the tooth and a bit glitchy, and am starting to consider replacement, and keeping it as just a spare.

    Has anyone used a 9100mp with the face seal and cartridge, hardhat, and ear muffs? Specifically looking for anyone that has used it in a humid or harsh environment, but welcome any input.

    I'm also looking at the 684, Panoramaxx, and Crystal 2.0. I don't think those have any concessions for hard hats, however. I'd also have to settle for a demi-mask respirator with pancakes or remote hoses under those if it'll fit, as I'm not looking for a PAPR.

    For anyone using any of the above, are there any obvious failure points on their chosen masks?

    Thanks in advance for any useful responses.

    Last second additon; I think I recall @ExpatWelder had a 9100?


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    Re: Considering a Speedglas 9100mp

    I think a guy at my work has the 2.0. It’s a really nice mask

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