$1600.00 firm up for sale is a used lincoln mig welder. This welder is in perfect cosmetic and working condition. This runs on 208/230 or 460 volts three phase (this wont work on regular house current). The power source is a lincoln invertec stt (stt surface tension transfer). The feeder is a stt-10 (equal to a lincoln ln-10). Words cannot express the great condition of this mig welder package. The power source isnt full of spatter burns like you always find on welding equipment, the feeder is the same way it doesnt have small pock marks or burns all over it. No nicks dings or dents can be found anywhere on it. The power cord is in perfect condition and about 10 feet long. The inter connecting cables are about 10 feet long, and are in pristine condition with all the writing clearly visable marked every foot on eack of the cables (they look like they just came out of the original box) the mig gun is a brand new lincoln (knock off) mig gun about 15 feet long with a lincoln back end and a .035/.045 liner and new consumables. The wire feeder looks like a brand new feeder, and has digital read out. The feeder has many options cold feed, cold retract, purge. It gets really deep with several process as well as programs (i dont know that much about all the programs, i will get a manual to include in this package). The feeder is a 4 wheel drive feeder with a set of .035-.045 drive rolls (4 wheel drive is the best as the wire never stops feeding from odd positions of the mig gun) all the factory connectors are in perfect condition on both ends of the interconnecting cables. A used inert gas hose 50 feet long in perfect condition is included and the fittings fit into the flow meter and the feeder. The flow meter is a brand new import brand flow meter with a cga-580 fitting for argon/co2 mixed gas tank. The whole shooting match comes on a home made roll arounf cart in perfect condition, with a rack for a bottle of gas. Once again this is a complete package thats in perfect condition and ready to weld. The only thing you will need to weld is a roll of wire and some electricity. I also want to say this came from a welding school, and did not see much use. Welding school is only 6 months a year and half of that is class room, and not all hands on is welding for hours and hours. I get great shipping rates and can ship this dock pick up cheap. My phone number is 1-570-527-6056. If you have any questions please call me. Welder is in mahanoy city pa 17948.Name:  IMG_1864.jpg
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