MM200 Continuous Feed issue
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    MM200 Continuous Feed issue

    Greetings all,
    I recently picked up a Millermatic 200 at an estate sale for $500.00. After getting it home and trying to use it I discovered why it was so cheap.
    Every time I turn on the power switch the wire feed continuously runs. I am a retired Fleet Mechanic so I am not entirely inexperienced with these machines.
    I have done some research and unplugged the whip trigger wire, it still feeds, I plugged the whip trigger wire back in and can watch the CR1 relay cycle when I
    trigger the gun (It is an open relay), it makes no difference it continues to feed. If the power switch is on, the feed motor is running.
    Any direction/advise on this would much appreciated. The Municipality I worked for had 5 MM200s that worked every day for the 28 years I was there and are still
    working there today and the only thing they have had to replace are whips & guns.
    MM200 Serial Number #JE802371

    Philthy Phil

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    Re: MM200 Continuous Feed issue

    This thread from miller forums is talking about the same issue that you are having. The OP seemed to have fixed the problem with help from cruiser and Duaneb55 who is also a member here as well. If he sees this post he might be able to help further.

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    Re: MM200 Continuous Feed issue

    Thank You Precivilization,
    I will read and attempt to digest that string.
    I appreciate the link.

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    Re: MM200 Continuous Feed issue

    PM me an email address and I'll send you some troubleshooting info for the unit.
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